Meet the “Bully”.

"I am beautiful. No matter what they say. Words can’t bring me down."

That line, from the song “Bautiful” by Christina Aguilera, perfectly describes how confident I was with my characteristics and how much I wouldn’t care on what others might think and say about me. But everything has changed. These “I-don’t-care-what-you-feel”, “this-is-me”, and “your-opinion-isn’t-needed” thinking of mine started to vanish as I grow up. I came to a point that I used to ask myself, “Am I being insensitive? Is that a right attitude? Should I change? Or what?” And I realized the answers to these questions ounce by ounce.

What is the Importance of you knowing yourself and what others think about you?

Everybody is born unique. The way one thinks, the way he dresses up, the way he speaks, the way he looks at the world or even the way he stands up. Everything. And these characteristics when combined will be your identity - your trademark.

I know myself. That’s for sure. All I don’t know is how well I know myself because at the end of the spectrum, there are a lot of things about you that you might not notice even if how noticeable they were for others. Take for example bad breath, You may not know that you actually have it unless the whole class would make fun of you, the gossipers would talk about you or someone would take courage, strength and might to tell it to you frankly. 

Our class did a very cute activity last meeting on our course Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication which made us know how everyone see each other. O n a sheet of paper, everyone was tasked to right his impressions and perceptions about his fellow classmates a positive and a negative trait. Though this activity was done anonymously, we were trying hard to recognize who wrote this and that. And it was really hard.

It wasn’t an issue for me to read their positive and negative comments. As I said, everyone sees you differently and besides, I am very much open for criticisms because these are what make a person better. They improve you.

The positive side surprised me, they wrote creative, artistic, “pogi”,. joker, “magaling magmakeup”  and mabait. And these words flattered me. In fact, I never thought that my classmates would actually have something to write on the positive side of the paper. Because all these years, I was thinking that most of my classmates hate me. And it’s flattering to know that I was wrong and that my classmates actually appreciates the little things I do.

The negative side is what made me laugh. Bully. I never know that I was a bully. *laugh*. I know that I’m bossy and mataray at times but I didn’t know that I am actually being bully. (Or they just have a wrong meaning of bully on their minds) Aside from that “bully-thingy” the others were expected and predictable. The “Walang-pakealam-sa-nararamdaman-ng-ba”, “Mapanlait”, “mapanghusga ng kapwa” and "mataray"  are the traits I know people would write. Ever since I was in high school, those were my classmates’ problem with me. But believe it or not, I’m no longer as hard as I was during my high school days. 

Thus, it is really important to know how much you know yourself because at the end of the day, you’re still you. You’re the one who’s in charged of your actions and of your whole being but let us not forget the fact that what others think of you is also a big part of what you are and what you’ll become.

Cornelio, John Eric C.

BBRC 2-3